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PakMade Home Shopping Website can instantly boost your regular sales without having to lock any investment. Offline retailers simply register with us and start selling on Pakistan’s largest Website. Hundreds of sellers are already reaping the benefits of virtually placing their goods on PakMade online shopping websites and selling to a wider audience. Home Shopping offers a rating system where buyers as well as sellers can rate the respective other party products and write comments on their buying/selling experience. Seller knowlede and customer demands can ensure a better service and products. Sell your product through Online Shopping in Pakistan and Around The World in few seconds. Start selling online and grow your sales and market your products and brand.

Step 1. Product Listing

You need to be registered member and aware of the conditions of use before requesting a vendor status on Home Shopping websites. After registering on Home Shopping Send Us Email with details about your business and products. After approval as vendor you will be offered instructions and access to our database to list your products and details. You can enter all possible details about your product along with one or more pictures for best description of your product. This is all needed at your end to get ready to sell your product to online customers.

Step 2. Take Orders

After publishing your product is listed for Online Shopping at Home Shopping; prospective customers visiting our online Shopping Store will be offer your product and customer may choose and order product choosing different payment method including Cash or Payment on Delivery. You will be informed through email / sms about the ordered products.

Step 3. Deliver Product

After receiving order for your listed product, confirmed from the customer regarding chosen product and mode of payment. After postive confirmation you deliver the ordered products to the customer through reliable courier service and ensure its correct delivery. In this case seller collect the payment through courier service.

Step 4. Get Paid

Incase the customer paid the amount in advance to Brand House, payment for delivered ordered will be made after due confirmation of delivery and acceptance by the customer.

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